Maps: 1651 - 1675
1652 Vaclovas Grodeckis - Johann
Kinckius: "Poloniæ finitimarum..."
Also two
DETAIL images.
1655 Nicholas Sanson:
"ESTATS de la Couronne
de POLOGNE," Paris,
25.3 x 19.1 cm, from
"L'Europe en plusieurs
Cartes Nouvelles..."
c1658 Gabriel Bucelin: "LITHUANIA Obiter Adumbrata," Ulm,
map 10.5 x 6.3 cm, in two versions. From the first, 1658, edition
of the Swiss genealogist and map author's "Praecipuarum
Universi Terrarum Orbis." Historians criticised the map as
(no Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas, etc. in it) and as an
imprecise copy of A. Ortelius’or J. Jansonius’ maps.  Created to
illustrate the expansion of Protestantism in Lithuania. Published
six times between 1650 and 1678.
Map on the left from  www.; on the right, along with a DETAIL image from eBay
1659 Nicholas Sanson: La Curlande Duche et Semigalle
...ed la Livonie, La Samogitie Duche en Lituanie," Paris,
in two versions.
(AK-25) First map from;
second map from the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian
Academy of Sciences:
1660 Hugo Allard:
"...Regni Poloniae,
Magnus Ducatus
1661 Philipp Clüver: "LITHUANIA," Amsterdam, 6 x 8
inches, in two versions engraved by van den Keere for
Jansson's edition of "Introductionis in Universam
First map from Beach Antique Maps & Prints;
second from
1661, 1670  Philipp Cluver: "Veteris et Novae REGNI
POLONIÆ Magnia Ducatus LITHUANÆ." From
"Introductionis in Universam Geographicum," in two
versions, 1661 and 1670. The map was published in
various sizes from 1650 - mid-1700's. See the 1678
version for comparison.
1661 map from Beach Antique Maps
and Prints; 1670 map from gkgrec, both from eBay
1663 Pierre Moullart Sanson: "ETATS DE LA  COURONNE DE POLOGNE...Duches de
Lithuanie...," Paris. 16.7 x 22 .5 inches / 425 x 571 mm, in three versions. Compare
with the 1655 version.
First map from; second from Bibliotheque nationale de
France:; third from wikimedia
1665-66 Nicholas Sanson (Geographer to the King) - Abraham Peyrounin (engraver): "Partie de Lithuanie ou sont les Palatinats de...," Paris. A series of maps illustrating The Grand Duchy of
Lithuania's administrative regions. Multiple versions are shown. Compare with the c1709 versions published by Nicolas' son Guillaume
c1667 Abraham Ortelius: "POLONIÆ DESCRIPTIO,"
Venice, in two versions, 2 7/8 x 4 inches. Compare
with the 1655 version. Italian editions of this map were
published until 1697.
First map from Portsmouth Bookshop;
1675 Nicholas Sanson -
POLOGNE ..." Paris, 88.5
x 60 cm., made up of two
joined maps.
Bibliotheque nationale de
1655 Nicholas Sanson:
"Estats de la Couronne de
POLOGNE...," Paris, first
state, 22.5 x 17 inches.
1658 August Gudicanus: "NOVA
TUS LITHUANIÆ ..." Köln, 12 x
12.9 inches.
Joan Blaeu: "LIVONIA Vulgo Lyefland," Amsterdam, 48 x 37 cm./ 15.125 x 19.5 inches, in four versions (the best
image is the first one): two from 1662, and a third from 1664, and one c1662-65 from "Atlas Maior, Sive
Cosmographia Blauiana," Volume 2 of 11. Published in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish; the Latin version was
also sold with V. 1 dated 1665 and V. 2-11 dated 1662.
First map from; second  from; third from; fourth from
"...Wilna et Partie du Palat. de
"...Nowogrodeck Litawski...lePalatinat de
Bressici en Partie de Minsk..."

From the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian
Academy of Sciences:
"...Minsk et partie des
Dvches de Novogradeck..."
"...Poloczk, Witepsk, Mseislaw, et partie
de Minsk..."
"...Wilna et Partie du Palat. de
From wikimedia
1659 Adam Olearius: "CARTE DE LA LIVONIE ou LIFLAND," in
two versions.
Uncolored map from the National Library of Estonia; colored
map and three DETAIL images from gkgrec on eBay
1666 Pierre Duval: "LES ROYAUMES DU
NORT ou Sont principalement LES ETATS
15.7 x 21.9 inches / 40 x 55.4 cm.  
1663 (dated)  Nicolas
Sanson I (d'Abbeville):
"La Livonie Duche:
divisée en ses
princip[a]les parties
Esten, et Letten etc."
Paris, from "Geographia
Cartes Generales de la
Nouvelle Ancienne,"
published by Chez Pierre
Mariette  See the 1697
version, also dated
 From the National
Library of France:
1657 Johannes Janssonius: "MAGNI DVCATVS LITHVANIÆ,"
Amsterdam, 24 x 20 inches / 61 x 53 cm. A reduction of the
original 1613 Hessel Gerritsz - Willem Blaeu map, this version
was published in many editions. See, at this site, versions from
1636, 1640, 1650, 1660-80, and 1699. Also five
From old-leaf on eBay
1662                                                 1662                                                    1664                                           c1662-65
1652 Matthaus Merian: "LIVONIA vulgo Lyefland," 28.3
x 38 cm., in two versions. F
irst map: www.ortelius;
second: European via The National Library of Estonia
1655 Abraham Ortelius:
from Turrini's “Theatro
del Mondo di Abramo
From antiqua.
1668 Pieter van den
Keere: "Polonia," London,
5 x 3.5 inches, published
by Roger Rea in "A
Prospect of the Most
Famous Parts of the
World," one of the so-
called "miniature Speeds"
from a pocket edition of
Speed's atlas. Only the
text from Speed's atlas
was used, but with van
den Keere's maps.
linidsfarne2 on eBay
1673 Gerard Mercator  -  Jodocus Hondius: "LIVONIA,"
Amsterdam, 7.2 x 10 inches, in two examples from the
fourth and last series of reduced versions of Mercator's
atlas published by Amsterdam bookseller Jan Cloppen-
burgh. The maps were re-engraved by Pieter van der
Keere and are larger than in preceding editions.
Map on
the left from; map on the right from the National
Library of Latvia:
1666  Janssonius Family: "Nova totivs
Livoniæ accurata Descriptio," Amster-
dam, 392 x 545 mm.
From the National
Library of Latvia:
1662                                                1663                                                 1670                                               1672
1654 Pierre Duval: "Carte
de Pologne et des Estats qui
en dependent ," Paris, 20.5
x 15.5 inches.
Pierre Duval: "POLOGNE Royaume Electif." Paris, 3 7/8 x 4 13/16 inches, from "Le Monde ou la Geographic
1662 map from www.; 1663 map from LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS:;
1672 map from gkgrec on eBay
1655  Abraham Ortelius:
"Livonia/ Livoniæ Nova
Descriptio Ioanne Portan-
ti O Auctore,' Venice, from
an Italian 'pirate' edition:
'Il Theatre del Mondo'
1662 Pierre Duval:
"Archeveschez et Eveschez
de Pologne," from Duval's
Ecclesiastical Atlas."
Joahannes Blaeu: "Magni Dvcatvs Lithvaniæ et Regionum Adiacentium exacta Descriptio...,"
Amsterdam, 22 x 19 inches / 45 x 53 cm, from his 11-volume "Atlas Maior Sive Cosmographia
..," the first Latin version published 1662, with later editions in French, Dutch, German, and
1662 map; 1665 version from
1660-1680 Janssonius
Heirs Heirs : "Magni
Dvcatvs Lithvaniæ,"
Amsterdam, 24 x 20 inches,
a reduction of the 1613
Gerritsz - Blaeu map, This
version was published by
J.J. van Waesbergen.
Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio
"...Poloczk, Witepsk, Mseislaw, et partie de
From the Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences:
"...Nowogrodeck Litawski...lePalatinat de
Bressici en Partie de Minsk..."

1670 Carel Allard
"Regni Poloniæ, Magni
Ducatus Lithuaniae...,"
Amsterdam, 50 × 58.50
cm / 19.7 x 23 inches,
from his "Atlas Major,"
issued in multiple un-
dated editions by Carel
and later by his son Hugo.

1669-70 Richard Blome: "A Mapp of the Estates of the Crowne of Poland, where are the
Kingdom of Poland with its Palatinates the Dutches of Russia Noire Cujavia Mozovia Prussia
Lithuania Volhynia Podolia &c. . . . 1669," London, 15.5 x 10.5 inches. The earliest folio-
sized map of the region engraved in England. While Speed's atlas was published earlier, his
plates were engraved and printed in Amsterdam. To finance his work, Blome undertook
subscribers, in exchange for a promise to add their coat of arms to certain maps. In later
editions, if the renewal fee was not paid, Blome added a different subscriber's coat of arms,
leading to multiple images on various editions of the same map. This map's dedication: “To
the Right Worshipful Sr. Richard Otley of Pichford, in Shropsheir Knight."
From www.
1662                                                                                    1665