400 Years of Sea Charts of the Baltic: 1547 - 1946
With a focus on the coastlines of today's Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  Compass Roses on Old Maps
1586 Lucas Janszoon
(mapmaker) -
Johannes van Deutecom

: "Zee caerte
vande custe van Lijff-
landt..." Antwerp, north
at the bottom, from
"Speculum nauticum..."

From National Library of
Finland: http://www.doria.fi
1584 Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (mapmaker) -
Johannes van Deutecom
(engraver): "Die Custe va
(The Coast of Livland...), Antwerp, 20 x 13
inches, in both a colored and uncolored version
Wagenaer was a Dutch pilot who produced the first set
of effective navigational charts: "Spieghel der
Zeevaerdt." See the 1585 map of the entrance of Riga.
Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (mapmaker) - Johannes van
(engraver): "De Zee kuste Rontomme Oese eb
een deel van Curlandt..." Leiden, 12.8 x 20.1 inches, and
"The Sea Coastes round abouts the Ile called Osel With a
Part of Curland...," Antwerp, 14 x 20 inches, both
engraved by Baptist and Johannes van Deutecom.
Depicts the entrance of the Gulf of Riga, with details of
the island of Oesel
1660 Pieter Goos: "Pascaarte van
Liiflandt ende Oost-Finlandt..."
Amsterdam, 16.9 x 20.8 inches / 43.0 x
52.8 cm. Sea chart of the Gulf of Riga
and the Gulf of Finland with the south
coast of Finland -- and north -- on the
right. Also two
DETAIL images. From
1685 John Seller: "A Chart
of the Baltick Sea,
containing the Banks, Isles
and Coasts from the Isle of
(Eastern Section),"
London, 17 x 11 inches.
Includes many small
coastal towns along
Lithuania, Latvia and
Estonia, as well as a large
inset "Chart of the Harbour
of "Dantzik."
1850 Francesco Costantino Marmocchi: "
MAR BALTICO," 13 x 11 inches, Florence.
From www.raremaps.com
1710 Frederick de Wit -
J.Renaud: "Totius
EUROPAE Littora."
1745 Rapin de Thoiras  
(French publisher) -
Nicholas Tindal
lator/English publisher)
Richard Seale
"A corrrect Chart of the
Baltick..." 19 x 15 inches,
1764 Jacques Nicholas Bellin
: "Carte de la
Mer Baltique," Paris, 15 x 12 inches, from
his smaller format sea atlas "Le petit atlas
maritime: recueil de cartes et plans des
quatre parties du monde en cinq volumes,
Vol. IV," of five, totalling 580 charts.
the National Library of Finland:
1922 George Philip: "THE
1654 Frederick de Wit: "Pas-Caart van de Oost Zee,
verthoonende Alle de ghelegentheyt tusschen 't
Eylandt Rugen en Wyborg," Amsterdam, printed area
44 x 52.5 cm, from an atlas of 12 charts, 7 by de Wit,
5 by Theunis Jacobz. Graduated for latitude only; bar
scales in Dutch, Spanish, English and French miles.
Also a
DETAIL image. From the National Maritime Museum,
Greenwich: http://collections.rmg.co.uk
1656 Jacob Aertsz Colom: "Oost
," Amsterdam, 55.5 x 63 cm.
from his "Atlas of werelts-water-deel
en des selfs zee-custen."
Maritime Museum, Greenwich:
1675 John Darby: "A chart of the East
Sea," London, 42.5 x 54.5 cm, at
000 000
. From his "Atlas Maritimus',
or the Sea Atlas, being a book of
maritime charts." Also a
DETAIL image.
From National Maritime Museum, Greenwich,
London: http://collections.rmg.co.uk
c1700 Johannes Loots (publisher):  "Dese
Nieuwe en Curieuze Paskaart van de
Geheele Oost Zee..." Amsterdam, 40 x 24
inches. Among the most detailed and
accurate sea charts of the region.
c1760 Johannes Loots: "Dese
Nieuwe en Curieuse Paskaart van
een Gedeelte van Oost Zee..."
Amsterdam, 20 x 23 inches.
Eastern half of this over- sized sea
chart of the Baltic, originally
published by Loots and later
re-issued by his widow and
brother-in-law, Isaac Swigters,
and likely reissued thereafter by
Hendrik Mooy after 1750. The
present chart would seem to be
Loots second published chart of the
Baltic, following after his chart of
circa 1700, which likely was based
largely upon the surveys of Peter
Gedda published in 1694 by
Jacobus Robijn, which Loots had
pirated in 1697.  
1811 William Faden: "A general chart of the Baltic or East Sea,
including the gulfs of Bothnia and Finland. Compiled from the surveys
made by order of the admiralties of Copenhagen, Stockholm & St.
Petersburgh. London, published by W. Faden, Geographer to the King
and to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, Charing Cross, June 4, 1803.
Engraved by S.I. Neele, Strand," London, 81 x 61 cm., from Faden's
"General Atlas."
From www.davidrumsey.com
1658 Arnold Colom (engraver/publisher):
"Oost Zee door Arnold Colom ..." Amsterdam,
25 x 22 inches, from his "Zee-Atlas ofte
Water-Wereldt," a re-issue of his 1654 "Ora
atlas maritima orbis universi."
From the
National Library of Finland: http://www.doria.fi/
1817 Samuel John Neele (engraver) - John
Cumming and John Thomson
"Chart of the North and Baltic seas, &c.
[with] Harbour of Heligoland. [with] Port
of Revel. [with] Harbour of St. Petersburg.
Drawn & engraved for Thomson's New
general atlas." Published in London, Dublin
and Edinburgh, 50 x 61 cm, at
1:3 600
. From www.davidrumsey.com
1946 Hydrographic Office, U.S. Navy: "Ice
Chart, Baltic Sea, March," Washington,
DC, 62 x 62 cm, from "Ice Atlas of the
Northern Hemisphere," "providing colored
monthly maps detailing the extent and
character of the ice for each principal
region of the Northern Hemisphere known
to have seasonal or permanent sea or lake
ice. Also includes statistical tables." Shows
extent of permanent ice around the Baltic
states in March.
From www.davidrumsey.com
1641  Matthaus Merian: "Tabula
Navigatoria maris Orientalis," Frankfurt,
14 x 10 inches, from Werdenhagen's "De
Rebus Publicis Hanseaticis Tractatus."
From www.raremaps.com
1745  Herman Moll: "A
Chart of the Baltick or
East Sea. Gulf of Finland
&c." London, 11 x 14
1851 John Tallis & Co. (Publisher)
John Rapkin (Engraver): "The
Baltic Sea," London, 13 x 9.5
inches, from R. Montgomery
Martin's "The Illustrated Atlas,
And Modern History Of The
World Geographical, Political,
Commercial & Statistical," 1851.
Rapkin's name and decorative
vignettes appear on most Tallis &
Co. maps.
From www.raremaps.com
1795 William Fisher and his
apprentice,  Richard Mount: "A plat
of the East Sea," London, from their
"Atlas Maritimus"
1647 Adam Olearis: "MARE BALTHICVM
oder Ost See."
From DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu:
1585 Dutch version
1854 Antonio Vallardi (publisher): "Carta
del mar Baltico," Milan, showing the
coasts of the provinces of "Estonia,"
"Livonia," "Mittau," and "Vilna."
www.oldmaps.eu / www.
1748 Thomas Jefferys: "Chart of
the Baltic Sea..," London, 11 x 10
1/2 inches / 28 x 26.5 cm, from
"Gentleman's Magazine." With
DETAIL images. From
artlusatica on eBay
1728 Edmund Halley -  
Nathaniel Cutler -  John
London, 20 x 23 inches,
from "Atlas Maritimus."
From www.raremaps.com
1857 Charles Desilver: "Chart of the Baltic
From Admiralty & Russian Surveys,"
Philadelphia, 24 x 15 inches, with insets of
Riga, Reval, Port Baltic, Sveaborg, and
Cronstadt and St. Petersburg.
1720-41 Covens et Mortier:
"Nieuwe Caart van de Oost
Zee ou Carte de la Mer
Baltique..," Amsterdam, two
joined sheets, 23.4 x 34.1
inches, from their
"Composite Atlas." Appeared
first in the "Neptune
FranÇois" without the Dutch
1695 John Seller: "A Chart of the Baltick
Sea," London.
From the National Library of
Latvia, via www.teeuropeanlibrary.org
1657 Johannes Janssonius:
"Pascaart Vande Oost-Zee
...Vertoonende in sich...
Courlant, Lyflant..," Am-
sterdam, from Vol. 5 of
"Grooten Atlas,
vervattende de
From  the
National Library of Finland:
1588 English version
1745 R & I Ottens
(mapmakers) - Louis
"Mare Balticum /
Nieuwe Pascaert van
de Oost Zee,"
Amsterdam, from
"Atlas van zeevaert en
koophandel door de
geheele weereldt," the
Dutch translation of
Renard's "Atlas de la
navigation et du
published 1715 in
French, in
From the
National Library of
Finland: www.doria.fi/
1693 Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (mapmaker,
after Sanson)
: "Carte de la Mer Baltique,"  
61 x 89 cm, originally published in Paris,
then possibly pirated by Mortier in
Amsterdam in his "Le Neptune Francois,
ou Atlas Nouveau des Cartes Marines."
From  www.davidrumsey.com
1737 Nils Thorvedsson
Strömcrona: "Hydro-
graphisk PasßCharta
öfver en dehl af Östersion
..," Stockholm, 25.5 x
21.5 inches.
1742 John Senex: "A MAP or CHART of the
GULFS of FINLAND and LIVONIA with their
respective Ports and Harbours, together
with a large Plan of Kroonstad and St.
Petersburg, taken from an original drawing
lately sent from St. Petersburg," London, 40
x 67.7 cm.
From the National Library of Finland:
c1680 - 1700 Johannes van Keulen (publisher):
"Nieuwe Wassende Graade Paskaart Over de Geeheele
Oost-See," Amsterdam, 53 x 60 cm., most likely from
the Dutch edition of "De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde
Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Werelt," also published in
Spanish, French and English editions.
1667 [dated 166] Pieter
(engraver): "Pas-
Caart van de Oost zee,"
Amsterdam, 45 x 55 cm,
from his "L'Atlas de la
Mer, ou Monde
Aquaticque..," with the
title page and index in
French; maps in Dutch.
From www.davidrumsey.com
1773 Jacques Nicolas Bellin
hydrographer/geographer) - Hendrik van
(engraver): "Carte de la Mer Baltique
Contenant les Bancs, Isles, et Costes
Comprises entre L'Isle de Zelande et
l'Extremite du Golfe de Finlande. [inset]
Carte de la Rade de Dantzik," Paris, 62 x
90 cm / 24 1/2 x 35 1/2 inches. From "Le
Neptune Francois ou Recueil des Cartes
From www.davidrumsey.com
1625 Willem Blaeu: "Ryghsche Bodem"
Amsterdam, from his "Het Licht der
(Atlas of the Seas). North is on
the left, as is Reval (Talinn), Riga is at the
top, and Memel on the far right.
From the
Unv. of Tartu:  http://dspace.utlib.ee/dspace
1547 Benedetto Bordone
(Scandinavia and the
, Venice, 6 x 6
inches, from "Isolario"
(The Book of Islands).
Labels Livonia.