Maps: 1795 - 1798
1795 Brion de la Tour -
Joseph de Laporte:
1795 Charles Francois
Delamarche (engraver):
"La Pologne, avec ses
démembrements," Paris.
11 x 8 inches /28 x 20
1795 William Guthrie:
"POLAND, Shewing the
& AUSTRIA..,"  London,
From "A New Geographical,
Historical, and Commercial
1795 (Based on a map by) Robert de Vaugondy (with corrections
Charles Francois Delamarche "ROYAUME DE POLOGNE ...,"
Paris, 28.5 x 24 cm., in two versions showing all three partiion
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1795 Antonio Zatta: "LA
POLONIA," Venice, 23.9 x 19.4
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1796 Guillaume Delisle (cartographer) - Philippe Buache (publisher): "La Pologne Dressée sur ce
qu'0n ont donné Starovolsk, Beauplan, Hartnoch et autres Auters Rectifiée par les Observations
d'Hebelius etc. Par Guillaume Del'Isle...," 48 x 63 cm, in three examples of the 8th state of the plate.

First map from; second map from Muzeum Polski w Rasppersvilu:; third map and detail images from cesgia on eBay
1796 Joseph de Laporte:
"Carte Generale de la
POLOGNE..," from "Atlas
moderne portatif," Paris,
7 x 8.5 inches.
Heritage Map Museum, PA
1796 Jedidiah Morse: "POLAND, Shewing the
Boston, 7 x 8.5 inches, in two versions, from
Thomas & Andrews' "The American
Universal Geography."
"Foglio Prima"
1798 John Walker: "POLAND." From his "Elements of Geography," in two differently-colored versions,  with
different fonts used for the title, as seen in the two
DETAIL images to the right.
1796 Robert de Vaugondy: " LE ROYAUME DE POLOGNE," Paris, 21.5 X 19 inches,
in three versions. Note the different boundaries for Prussia, Poland and Lithuania.

(See the 1783 version)
All from
1795 Homann Heirs: "Mappa
Geographica POLONIAE,"
Nuremberg, 24 x 21 inches / 61 x
54 cm. Also three
DETAIL maps.
1795 Giovanni Maria Cassini: ": I Governi
di Nowogorod, Bielogorod e Kiowia coi
Dvcati di Livonia e di Estonia Nell' Impero
della Russia in Europa," Rome, 60 x 44
First map from; second
1798 Johann Friedrich Hartknoch (publisher) - Carl Jäck Bertin (engraver), from Ludwig August Graf Mellin's (cartographer): "Atlas von Liefland, oder von den beyden Gouvernementern
u. Herzogthümern Lief- und Ehstland, und der Provinz Oesel
" ( Atlas of Livonia, or of the beyden Gouvernementern and duchies delivery and Ehstland, and the province Oesel: designed for
geometric measurements, the latest astronomical observations, and after careful review investigation and Kentnis of areas: the whole consists of a general map and fourteen district maps."),
Berlin.   From the US Library of Congress:
"I. Der Rigasche Kreis"  (Riga), engraved
"IV. Der Walcksche Kreis" (Valka),
engraved 1793.
"II. Der Wendensche Kreis" (Cesis),
engraved 1792.
'III. Der Wolmarsche Kreis" (Valmiera),
engraved 1792-93.
1796 Amos Doolittle:
"Poland, Shewing the
Claims of Russia, Prussia
& Austria...," Boston,
8.25 x 8.5 inches.
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1798 Bertholon: "CARTE
Avec tous LES ETATS qui
y sont annexes," Paris, 8
1/4 x 6 3/4 inches.
fineantiquemapsandprints on
1795 (Anon.): "Poland from
the Best Authorities,"
London, the map shows
boundaries before the
partitions, with a key to
the location of 31 towns.
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1795 "POHLEN,"
Berlin, 4.5 x 4.5
"V. Der Werrosche Kreis"  (Voru, Estonia),
engraved 1797.
"VI. Der Dörptsche Kreis" (Tartu,
engraved 1796.
"VII. Der Fellinsche Kreis" (Viljandi, Estonia),
engraved 1797
"VIII. Der Pernausche Kreis" (Pärnu, Estonia),
engraved 1797
"IX. Der Arensburgsche Kreis oder die prov-
inz Oesel (Kurre Saar). " Engraved 1798
"X. Der Revalsche Kreis." Engraved 1796
"XI.Der Baltischportsche Kreis"
"XII.  Der Wesenbergsche Kreis. Engraved
"XIII. Der Weissensteinsche Kreis."
Engraved 1796
"XIV. Der Hapsalsche Kreis." Engraved
1798 Louis Auguste Comte Mellin: "Liefland
oder die beyden Herzogthumer und General
Lief und Ehst- land nebst den
Provinz Oesel" (Livonia or both duchies and
main governments of Liv- land and Estland)
included as a review map in Mellin's "Atlas
von Liefland."
From the via
National Library of Latvia
1795 Alexander Vilbreht: "Чертеж новоприобре-
тенных к Российской империи земель в 1793 и
1795 годах"
(Plans for the newly acquired lands of the
Russian Empire in 1793 and 1795)
, St. Petersburg, 52 x
71 cm, Also four
DETAIL images. Published by "the
Geography Department of the Cabinet."
From the
National Library of Russia:  
1797 Andrew Bell:
"Poland, Lithuania and
Prussia," London, 3rd ed.,
Encyclopedia Britannica.
See the 1768 version.

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Худяков (E. Hudyakov):
"Часть России с смежными
(Part of Russia
with neighboring powers)
St. Petersburg, 45 x 54 cm /
17.7 x 21.3 inches, at
100 000
, published a year
apart. The maps, which
focus on the area of the
former Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth, appear,
apart from the cartouches,
to be identical, but the
1796 version has more and
better detail, and the out-
lines of areas  are changed.
DETAIL images make that
clear. All notations are in
From the National
Library of Russia: http://leb.nlr.
c1797 (Anon.):
"Pologne," 9.4
x 16.9 inches.
From the prints
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1797 Giovanni Maria
Cassini: "LA POLONIA
Divisa, Nell Sue Antiche
Province E delineata quelle
ultime osservazioni," Rome
-- the cover map of four
detail maps (to the right)
showing four cartouches.
Cassini copied, and slightly
reduced, Rizzi-Zannoni's
1772 map.
"Foglio Secondo"
"Foglio Terzo" in two versions.
"Foglio Quarto"
Adam Gottlieb Schneider  &   Johann Christoph Weigel,
mapmakers: "General-Karte von den Preußischen,
Russischen und Oestreichischen Besitzungen im
ehemaligen Polen"
(General map of the Prussian, Russian
and Austrian possessions in the former Poland)
berg, 54.5 x 77 cm., published by Verlag der Schneider
und Weigelschen. Also nine
DETAIL images of the 1797
1796 map from; 1797 map from
c1796 (Anon.): "Polen,
Litauen und Kurland...,"
showing results of the
three partitions.
From the
Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
1796 Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly - Daniel Friedrich Sotzmann: "Karte von Polen, Nach Sotzmann, neu verzeichnet"  (after Sotzmann,
newly edited)
, Vienna, 28.5 x 23 inches, in three versions depicting the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after 1772 from von Reilly's
"Grosser Deutscher Atlas."
First two maps from; third map from
1796 (Anon.): "Русский: Малоформатный атлас Российской империи" (Small Atlas of the Russian Empire), St. Petersburg, showing "наместничества" (governates). From the
Russian State Library: via wikimedia
Ревельского (Reval)
Рижского (Riga)
Курляндской (Courland)
Виленского (Vilna)
Полоцкого (Polotsk)
Минского (Minsk)
c1796 Mariaval (map-
- A. Peticier
(engraver) - Bertrand
publisher): "Carte génér-
ale de la Pologne..." Paris.  
The Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
c1795 Rigobert Bonne:
"Carte du Royaume de
Pologne et... Lithuanie,"
Paris. "1786 on the map,
it says it contains results
of the 1772, 1793 and
1795 Partitions, but only
1772 is colored.
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c1798 Joseph T. Scott
(engraver) - Matthew
"Poland," Philadelphia,
printed area measures
2 1/2" x  3 7/8 inches. A
pre-partition view of the
oldmapsoldbooks on eBay
1795 Johann M. Probst
(cartographer): "Charte
von Polen Preussen u.
Galicien," Augsburg,
"Atlas Minor." Dated
1795, shows boundaries
of 1772/1793 partitions.
From bertius on eBay
1795 Sr. Robert de Vaugondy:
"Royaume de Pologne," Paris, 41.5 x
28.5 cm, with cartouche by J. Arrivet,
from "Nouvel Atlas Portatif." Depicts on
the First, 1772, Partition, despite its
publication date.
From maklize on eBay
Dated 1796                              Dated 1797
1797 Franz Anton Schrämbl (cartographer
: "Zweiter Theil Der Karte Von
Europa [Litauen, Polen Presussen, Ungarn
...]" Vienna, 71 x 53 cm., the top half of one
of a number of two-map sets in this series.
Oddly, this set lacks a cartouche -- the space
for it was not printed, perhaps because
boundaries in this area were shifting.
1797 S.J. Neele
(engraver): "Map of
the North West part
of Russia," London,
12 x 9 inches.
1796 Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly:
"Karte von Polen nach dem Petersburger
Theilungs...December 1795," Vienna. The
plate used for the three maps to the left
was re-engraved to change the cartouche,
and to update boundaries after the Third,
1795 Partition.
1796 Franz Johann
Joseph von Reilly: "XXV.
Karte von Koenigreiche
Preussen," Vienna, from
"Grosser Deutscher Atlas."
Note areas labeled