Maps: 1756 - 1763
1757 Thomas Kitchin: "MAP of the several
Countries thro which the Russians are to
pass in their March to PRUSSIA," London, 8
x 10 inches from
Gentleman's Magazine.
1757 Matthaus Seutter -
Tobin Conrad Lotter:
"Poloniӕ Regnum ut et
Magni Ducat Lituaniӕ."
1757 [dated 1752] Didier Robert de Vaugondy: "Le Royaume de Pologne divisé en ses
duchés et provinces et subdivisé en Palatinats," Paris, 48 x 54 cm., from the first
plate/edition of his "Atlas Universel" (reissued to1799), with the cartouche notation:
"Geographe ordinaire du Roi. Avec Privilege 1752." All such maps are dated 1752.
1758 Willem Bachiene  -
Covens & Mortier: "ESTATS
de la COURONNE de
POLOGNE," Utrecht, 5.9 x
5.1 inches. From 'Kort
begrip der Oude en Nieuwe
Staatkundige Geographie."
See the 1711 Laso base.
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1759 Claude Buffier: "LA POLOGNE Suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris.” Paris,
image 5 3/8 x 7 inches, from the Giffart "Geographie
1759 Johann Homann:
1759 [dated] Tobias Conrad Lotter (engraver/publisher) - Aug. Vindel (geographer): "Mappa Geographica, ex novifsimus obfservationibus repraefentans  Regnum Poloniӕ  et Magnum Ducatum
Lithuaniӕ," Augsburg, 19.4 x 23.4 inches, in four differently-colored versions of a map probably based on one by Seutter, his father-in-law. See the 1772 updated version, in which the "1759"
date on the last line has been inexpertly erased.
1760 [dated] Thomas Bowen: "An Accurate Map of
Poland, Prussia & Lithuania..," London, 9 x 7 inches,
from the
General Magazine of Arts & Sciences.
1760 [dated] Nicolas de
Fer - (original
mapmaker, publisher,
1716, 1736)
- Peter
Louis-Charles Desnos

(publisher, 1760, 1782)
POLOGNE..," Paris, 18.5
x 23.2 inches / 47.0 x
59.0 cm,.
1760 [dated] dedicated to astronomer/geographer Jean
Janvier, created and engraved by François- Nicolas
Martinet, published by Jean Lattre: "Les Royaumes de
Pologne et de Prusse Avec Le Duche de Curlande...,"
Paris, 25.5 x 18.5 inches. First edition: later, more
common editions were published in 1774 and 1780.
Both from
1760 Leonhard Euler - Christian Ludewig Kunst (2nd edition publisher):
"Tabula Geographica REGNI POLONIÆ ad emendatiora...," Berlin, 43.9
x 35.9 cm. Also two
DETAIL images. From the second of three editions
(1753, 1760, 1777) of the school atlas "Geographischer Atlas."
1760-70 de Leth & Baade:
"Nieuwe Geographique en
Historique...," 6.5 x 8.5
inches,  altering Chiquet's
1719 plate.
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1757 Tobias Mayer - Homann Heirs: "Mappa geographica Regni Poloniӕ," Nürnberg,
20 x 17 inches. Compare with the 1750 and 1773 versions.
1756 George-Louis Le Rouge (publisher): "La Pologne," Paris, 13 x 9.5 inches. The first, third and fourth versions are
from the 1756 edition of "Atlas Nouveau Portatif à l'usage des militaires et du voyageur..," also published in 1748 and
1767. The second map is from the 1756 "Introduction a la Geographie." See the 1748 versions.
Tobin Conrad Lotter: "Livoniӕ et Curlandiӕ Ducatus ..."Augsburg, 56 x 47 cm. These maps are reprints of a map in
Seutter's "Atlas Novus" with Lotter's name added. Seutter's maps were, themselves, largely copies of Johann Baptist
Homann's maps.
1756  Gilles Robert de
Vaugondy: "Pologne,"
Paris, image 14.5 x 17
cm. / 5.75 x 6.75 inches.
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1758 John Gibson
- John
(publisher) -   
Emanuel Bowen:
cartographer): "POLAND,"
London, 2 1/2 x 3 5/8
inches. See the 1774 and
1792 versions.
National Library of Estonia:
1761 Andrew Dury
- Thomas
"POLAND," London, 4.1 x
4.7 inches / 10.5 x 12.0
cm, from "A New
General and Universal
Atlas Containing Forty
five Maps by Andrew
Dury." See the French
version published 1763.
1762 Claude Buffier: "LA
POLOGNE Suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des
Sciences de Paris," 5.5 x 7
inches. From the 1762
edition of his "Geographie
1762 Tobin Conrad Lotter (engraver) - Tobias Lobeck (publisher): "Poloniæ Regnum,
Ducatusq. Magnae Lithuaniæ," Augsburg, 11 x 13 cm, from Lotter's pocket atlas "Atlas
Geograpghicus Portatilis," first published 1755, in this instance bound with Lobeck's
"Kurzgefasste Geographie."
Johann Baptist Homann: "DVCATVVM LIVONIÆ et CVRLANDIÆ,"
Nürnberg, 23.0 x 19.5 inches / 58.5 x 49.5 cm, from "Grosser Atlas
Gantze Über die Welt."
1762 Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-Zannoni: "CARTE GENERALE DE LA POLOGNE avec tous les Etats qui en dependent," Paris, 18 x 12.5 inches / 54
x 38 cm, and included as plate no. 19 in the first edition of Jean Lattre's "Atlas Moderne ou collection de cartes sur toutes les parties du monde
Chez Lattre et Jean Thomas Herissant." See  1771, 1775, 1778, 1780 and 1783 versions with "Suede"
1762 [dated] Gilles Robert de Vaugondy: "ROYAUME de POLOGNE," 11 x 9 3/8 inches,
in three versions of the first state. Engraved by E. Dussy and the cartouche by Arrivet.
1756 Thomas Jeffreys (engraver) - Thomas Salmon
(historian): "Poland Lithuania and Prussia," London,
10.5 x 8 inches, in uncolored and colored versions from
the 4th edition of "A new geographical and historical
grammar..." Both cartouches are Type A.
Uncolored map
from Albion Prints; colored map from d.raynes on eBay
1757 Gilles Robert de
Vaugondy: "POLOGNE,'
Paris, from "Methode
abregee et facile pour
apprendre la Geograph-
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1760 J.H. Schneider -  
Jean-Marie Bruyset: "XVII"
(Poland),Lyon, 17 x 10 cm,
from the first edition of the
school atlas "Atlas des
enfans.,”  with unnamed
maps that required reading
text on the opposite page to
identify countries. Editions
were published in 1772 (at
this site), 1774, 1784 (on
this site), and 1790.
c. 1757 Georg Christophe
(publisher): "Geo-
graphische Vorstellung
derer Königreiche Polen
und Preussen..," Augs-
burg, reviving a plate
created by
Stridbeck in
1700, then acquired and
published by Bodenehr in  
From The Wroblewski
Library of the Lithuanian
Academy of Sciences:
1760 Hiršas Leibovičius
(engraver):  "Provincia
Lituana Ord. S.
(Orders of St.
Francis in the province of
. From the
Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
c. 1762 Matthäus Seutter: "Novissima et accuratissima Magni Ducatus Lithuaniæ in suos Palatinaus et Castellanias divisae Delineatio, cura et impressis
Matthaei Seutteri, S. Caes. et reg. Cathol. Majest. Geogr. et Chalcographi Augustani," Augsburg, 61.2 x 51.3 cm, in four versions in the Thi
rd State, by
virtue of the presence of the "J.M. Probst" inscription under the top left frame line, noting Probst's purchase of half of Seutter's plates and printed maps in
1762 from Seutter's widow.
1757 [dated] Jean-Francois Daumont (mapmaker) - Homann Heirs (publisher): "Les
Royaumes de Pologne et de Prusse Par Tobias Mayer..." Paris, 44.0 x 55.0 cm / 21 x 17
inches, in versions based upon a map by Tobias Mayer. Daumont engraved playing
cards and a few maps, typically based upon those of other mapmakers, 1750-60.
1763 Andrew Dury (mapmaker) - J. Ellis (engraver) - Robert Sayer (publisher): "Poland," London, with "La Pologne" above the frame, 11 x 13
cm, from a French version of Dury's 1761 English pocket atlas.
c. 1762 Thomas Kitchin:
"A Map of the Kingdom of
Poland, Drawn from the
Best Authorities,"  Lon-
don, from Busching's "A
New System of Geo-
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George Louis Le Rouge: "Grand Duché de Lithuanie," Paris, 9.25 x 13.5 inches, from
page 23 of  "Atlas Nouveau portatif, à l'usage des militaires et du voyageur," which also
had editions in 1748, 1759 and 1767
Type "A" cartouche,
London 7th edition: “The new
geographical and historical
Type "C" cartouche, Dublin 9th edition: "A new
geographical and historical grammar..."
1760 Thomas Jeffreys (engraver/geographer/publisher): "Poland Lithuania and Prussia,"
which he engraved for the first, 1749, edition of "A new geographical and historical
grammar..." by historian Thomas Salmon. Commonly said to have gone through 14
editions, my own research shows that there were at least 21 separate editions, the last in
1785. The only changes in that plate over 36 years were to the cartouche, which I
believe exists in four types, A, B, C, and D. Illustrations of each type, and the complete
publishing history of the map, are on the page "MapmakersG-L."
Univ. of Tartu, Estonia:
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Boston Public Library:
Norman B. Leventhal Map
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Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
Cartographic and Geological
Institute of Catalonia:
National Library of France:
1759 Claude Buffier:
les degrés de l'Académie
des Sciences de Paris,
[Pierre] faure Sculp.”

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1762 Tobin Conrad Lotter
"Polonia Seraphico=
observans,"50 x 57.5 cm,
in the second state of this
plate, wherein Seutter's
name as publisher, as in
the 1753-55 version, has
been replaced by Lotter's.
From Antiquariat Nikolaus
Struck (Berlin) via
Harvard Map Library:
1758 Claude Buffier  (geo-
- F. Desbrulins
(engraver) - Giffart
: "La Pologne
suivant les degrés de
l'Académie des Sciences de
Paris.” Desbrulins name is
almost erased.
From www.
Cartographic and Geological Institute of
c. 1761 Gilles Robert de Vaugondy: "Grand
Duché de Lithuanie,divisé par Palatinats,"
Paris, 16.4 x 21.3 cm, from "Bureau de
l'Atlas National." Plate is identical to that
dated "1749" in the cartouche.
From Vilnius
Univ. Library:
1762 Jean Lattre
(publisher) - Giovanni
: "La Pologne
Avec Priv. du Roi," Paris,
from "Atlas Geograph-
ique et Militaire."
Osher Map Library:
Osher Map Library:
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Bibliothèque nationale de
McMaster Univ. Library:
c. 1757
Vilnaus Aukcionas: