Maps: 1742 - 1749
1742 Jean Baptiste Renou
de Chauvigne- Jaillot: "LA
1742 Guillaume Delisle: "La Pologne...,"
Amsterdam, 49 x 62 cm, in
5th state
from "Atlas Nouveau," first published
by Covens & Mortier 1730.
1744 Claude Buffier (publisher) - F. Desbruslins. pere.
(engraver): "LA POLOGNE Suivant les degres de
l'Academie des Sciences de  Paris," Charlevoix, 13.7 x
17.6 inches and 5.5 x 7 inches, in two versions from
"Geographie Universelle." Compare with the 1752
Larger map on the left from; map
on the right from
1744 Matthaus Seutter (publisher) - Tobias Conrad Lotter (engraver): "Poloniae
Regnum ut et Magni Ducat. Lithuaniae Accuratiss. Delin. opera et studio M.
Seutteri, S.C.M. Geogr. Aug. Vindel. C. Privil. S.R. I. Vicariat. Tob. Conr. Lotter
sculpsit.", Augsburg, 7.5 x 10 inches, in three versions.  From "Atlas minor praecipua
orbis terrarum imperia..." Compare with 1740 and 1750 versions.
 First map from ruggis
on eBay; third map from
1748 Georges Louis Le Rouge: "LA POLOGNE," Paris, 10.5 x 8 inches, in the first state, in four differently-colored
versions. The map was included in the  "Atlas Nouveau Portatif." See the 1756 version.
The first map is from; the second is from herald-dick magazine blogspot; third version is from; the fourth is from
antykwariat raraavis.krakow
1748 Elias Baeck/Bäck (engraver/publisher): "La
Pologne," Augsburg, 10 x 7 inches / 26 x 18 cm, from
Erdman Machenbauer J.A.'s "Der curiose und...
Nüssliche Dollmetscher.”
First map from www.themaphouse.
com; second from Libreria Ex Libris, via
1749 [dated] Johann Homann - Jean Niepreckis - Tobias Mayer: "MAGN. DVCATVS LITVANIÆ in svos palatinatvs et districtvs divisvs / delineatus
a... Ioanne Nieprecki...Simulque exactiore locorum positione quantum fieri potuit correctus a Tobia Majero. - Norimbergae : impensis
Homannianorum Heredum, 1749." Nürnberg, in X versions. At top right on the map is an inset with text describing the region. This is the
of the plate, which does not have Mayer's "privilege" in the cartouche: C.P.S.C.M.G. "Cum Privilegio Sacræ Cæsaræ Majestatis Gratia." First map
is from The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences:; second is from; third map is from
1749 Thomas Jeffreys:
(engraver) - Thomas
"Poland, Lithuania and
Prussia," London, from
the first edition of "A new
geographical and
historical grammar..."
Post 1749 [but still dated 1749] Johann Homann - Jean Niepreckis - Tobias Mayer: "MAGN. DVCATVS LITVANIÆ in svos palatinatvs et
districtvs divisvs / delineatus a... Ioanne Nieprecki...Simulque exactiore locorum positione quantum fieri potuit correctus a Tobia Majero. -
Norimbergae : impensis Homannianorum Heredum, 1749. C.P.S.C.M.G. [Cum Privilegio Sacræ Cæsaræ Majestatis Gratia]" Nürnberg, in X
versions. At top right on the map is an inset with text describing the region. This is the
second state of the plate, with Mayer's "privilege" in the
First map  from The Royal Library: National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library:; second  is AK-01, originally from
Jonathan Potter; third map is from; fourth is from  babi_de on eBay; fifth map is from Historische Karten der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen
1749 John Senex: "A New
Map of Poland from the
lateft Obfer." 6 x 7.5
inches, from “Geography
Anatomised or the
Geographical Grammar,
by Pat. Gordon, London,
maps by Senex."
1744 Robert de
Vaugondy: "POLONIA..."
17.5 x 13.5 cm / 6.75 x
5.25 inches.
1742-72 J.B. Nolin, Jr.: "LE
nant les Etats de POLOGNE et de
LITHUANIÆ...," Paris, 18.4 x 23.1
inches / 46.8 x 58.8 cm . This
version has a paste-over slip on the
cartouche with a color-key update
for 1772.
1746 Nicolas de Fer: "ESTATS DE LA
x 6.1 inches,
1747 Paul de La Feuille:
CONFINS," a reissue by
Paul of his father Daniel's
1706 map, plate  No. 31 in
J. Ratelband's Geograph-
isch-Toneel." Compare
with versions from 1702,
1707, 1717, 1732, and
From Geographicus Fine
Antique Maps.
Emanuel Bowen: "A new and ACCURATE MAP OF POLAND, LITHUANIA &c. Divided into its Palatinats, drawn from the best authorities, assisted
by the most approv'd modern maps. The whole being regulated by astronomical observations," London, 14.5 x 18 inches, in five versions from "A
Complete System of Geography, published 1744-47."
 Three 1744 maps  from; first 1747 map is from; second 1747 map is
1749 Gilles Robert de
Vaugondy: "Royaume de
Pologne divise en Haute et
(Southern) Pologne
..." 7.75 x 6.5 inches.
From his "Atlas Universel
et portatif militaire."
1745 Joseph-Nicolas Delisle: "DVCATVVM ESTONIA et
LIVONIÆ, TABVLA cumcursu Fluvii Dwiniae," St.
Petersburg, 50 x 58 cm / 19.7 x 22.8 inches. The map on
the left is  from the first atlas of Russia: "Atlas Russicus,"
which this younger brother of Guillaume created with
Ivan Kirilov. The map on the right was never bound into
an atlas, and was cut up and glued to linen as a folding
Map on the left:; map on the right :  
1745 Ivan Kirilov: the original, Cyrillic alphabet,
version of the de l'isle map to the left, titled:
"Изображение герцогствъ Эстляндскаго и
Лифляндскаго купно съ течениемъ реки Двины."
His planned three-volume "Atlas Vserossijskoj imperii"
was neither completed nor published in his  lifetime
The map on the left  is from DSpace at the Univ. of
Tartu: The map
on the right is from
1747 Johann Barnickel, Homann studio: "DVCATVS CVRLANDIÆ /  juxta. Barnikelii Architecti Curici primarii Geometricam
Delineationem Geographica Tabula expressus studio Homannianorum Heredum," Nuremberg, 518 x 815 mm. In the bottom
left corner the Lord’s Prayer is written in Latvian. Shown first, in the two maps at left, as a single map, including "Semgalliæ,"  
and then as two separate maps, each with one or more
DETAIL images. First all-in-one map is from; second, and the
Semgalliæ map are from the National Library of Latvia:, via the European The separate
Cvrlandiæ map and detail images are from cesgia on eBay
1749 Johann Georg Schreiber: "Die Hertzoghümer Curland und Liefland," Leipzig,  paper size 30.9 x 23.96 cm, in three versions
from "Atlas Selectus von allen Königreichen und Ländern der Welt, Zum bequemen Gebrauch in Schulen, auf Reisen," first
published in 1735.
First map from the National Library of Latvia:; second and third maps from
1748 Robert de Vaugondy: "ETATS DE
inches / 35 x 22 cm., as well as a
DETAIL image, from his "Atlas Portatif
From claniz69 on eBay
Johann Baptist Homann: "DVCATVVM LIVONIÆ ET
CVRLANDIÆ," Nuremberg, 19.25 x 22.875 inches, from
"Atlas Novus."
1747 version from odetowhitman on eBay; 1748
version from
1744 Herman Moll: "POLAND.
Subdivided Into Its Several Palatinates
&c. Agreeable to Modern History,"
London, 10.3 x 8 inches. Thomas
Salmon's "Modern History: or the
Present State of All Nations."
1749 Gilles Robert de Vaugondy: "GRAND DUCHE DE LITHUANIE DIVISE par
Palatinats," Paris,  6.5 x 7.5 inches / 24 x 18.5 cm, in three versions from his "Atlas
Portatif, Universel et Militaire...," first published in 1748.
First map from the Lithuanian
National Museum: www.; second map from odetowhitman on eBay; third from
1749 Jean Rousset de
Missy: "Les Estats de la
Couronne de Pologne,"
Amsterdam, image 7.7
by Hendrik de Leth.
theprintscollector on eBay
1745 Guillaume Delisle -
Philippe Buache: "La
Pologne Dressee ..."
26  x 20 inches. Dated
1703, published 1745.
c1745 George Louis le Rouge: "Le Royaume
De Pologne Le Grande Duche De Lithuanie
Suivant les Nouvelles Observations..."
Paris, 24.5 x 19.5 inches.
1742 Denise Macquart
(engraver): "POLONIA,"
Venice, 6 x 8.5 inches,
published by Francesco
1742 John Cowley: "A Map of
POLAND, Prufia and Courland,"
London. Also a
DETAIL image. From
cpd203 on eBay
1747                                               1748
1744 Matthaus Seutter:
LITHUANIÆ," Augsburg,
in the third state.
From the
National Library of Latvia:
c1749 Johann Georg Schreiber (engraver/cartographer/publisher): "Reise Charte durch
das Königreich Polen mit allen darzu gehörigen Laendern," Leipzig, 7 x 10 inches,
engraved in 1700, in two versions from "Atlas selectus von allem Königreichen und
Ländern der Welt," first published 1735. Compare with 1730 and 1739 versions.
First map  
from arlusatica on eBay; second from cesgia on eBay: Old Times Rare Antiquarian Books & Maps Sellers
c1744 William Berry (mapmaker) - John
(publisher): "Poland Subdivided
According to the Extent of its Severall
Palatinates," London, 34 x 21.5 inches, in
an unrecorded third state of William
Berry's 2 sheet map of Poland, first issued
in about 1683, and based on Jaillot's
earlier map. The first edition of Berry's
map bears a dedication to Charles II,
whereas Bowles has revised the dedication
to the then present King, George II.
This unrecorded third state with the
imprint of John Bowles was issued circa
1744.  The extremely rare second state of
the map, bears the imprint of the
partnership of Thomas Taylor, Philip
Overton and John Lenthall.
1749 Jean Niepreckis
revised by
Tobias Mayer,
published by Homann
Heirs: "Magni Dvcatvs
Litvaniæ..." Nürnberg,
19 x 24 inches.
From The
Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
c1745 G. Delisle - Isaac Tirion - Giovanni Battista Albrizzi (pubisher) :
"REGNO DI POLONIA, diviso nei suoi  Palatinati," Venice, 48.7 x 36.4 cm.
in two versions with a partially-erased cartouche. Tirion's map was based
on one from "Atlante Novissimo" by de l'Isle.  
First map from cesgia on eBay
1744 G. Delisle - Isaac Tirion: "Nieuwe Kaart vant KONINKRYK POOLEN, verdeet in zyn byzondere Waywoodschapen na de Nieuwste stellung int ligt
gebragt te Amsterdam door Isaak Tirion" (
New Map of the Kingdom Of Poland, Divided into its Palatinates, according to the latest observations and
annotations, published in Amsterdam by Tirion)
, in seven versions, based on a map by Delisle. First  two versions from; 3rd map is from luschnoar
on eBay; 4th from; 5th map from; sixth is from; seventh is from
1                                                         2                                                          3                                                     4                                                         5
6                                                        7
1744 Patrick Gordon: "A
New Map of Poland from
the latest Observ.,"
London, from "Geo-
graphy Anatomiz'd: or,
the Geographical
albion-prints on eBay
1745 Reinier I (engraver/cartographer)
and Josua (Joshua) Ottens (publisher):
"Ducatuum Livoniæ et Curlandiæ
novissima Tabula," Amsterdam, 21.125 x
25.75 inches, possibly from their "Atlas
Maior,' assembled to order 1720-50.
McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture,
University of Tennessee:
Type A cartouche