Maps: 1732 - 1742
1732 Herman Moll: "Poland Subdivided into its several Palatinates &c, Agreeable to
Modern History," London, in three versions, engraved area 10 1/4 x 7 5/8 inches, from
his "Atlas Minor." Compare with the first state of 1727, as well as with the 1728, 1736,
1740, 1744 and 1755 versions. All versions after 1728 are undated.
1733 Patrick Gordon: "A
new map of POLAND
from the lateft Obfer."
1735 Covens & Mortier:
"LA POLOGNE. Suivant
tions...," Amsterdam, 9 x
11.5 inches. From "Nouvel
Atlas" by Van der Aa.
the 1936 version below.)
1736 Nicolas de Fer: "Les etats de la couronne de Pologne, sous les... Les etats de la
Couronne de Pologne, sous les quels sont compris la grande et la petite Pologne, le Grand
Duche de Lithuanie, les Prusses et la Curlande. Divisez en provinces et palatinats...," 23
x 18.5 inches, Paris, in two versions. First engraved by P. Starckman, and issued by de
Fer in 1716, with editions in 1736, 1748, 1760 and 1782.
1738 Jacques Benigne Bossuet: "ESTATS de la Couronne
de POLOGNE," Amsterdam, 5 3/8 x 6 5/8 / 14 x 17 cm,
in uncolored and colored versions.
1738-39 Gottfried Jacob Haupt (engraver/mapmaker) - Elias Baeck (publisher):
"REGNUM POLONIÆ ejusque confinia," Augsburg. in three versions.
c1739 [dated] Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (mapmaker for Johann Homann) - Homann Erben (Heirs) (publisher) -   Johann Ernst Adelbauer (printer): "Regni Poloniӕ, Magnique Ducatus g. Lithuaniӕ Nova et
exacta tabula, ad mentem STAROVOLCII descripta"
(A new and detailed map of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, described according to Starovolski) Nürnberg, in six versions dated, but not
necessarily published, in 1739, from the "Atlas factice." Note the poorly-erased old engraving in the cartouche. Szymon Starovolski (1588-1656) , also known as Starowolski and as Simon Starovolscius -- born into
an impoverished Lithuanian noble family -- was a historian, geographer and prolific author on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
1739 Johann Georg
Schreiber: "... Königreich  
Polen..," 7 x 10 inches.
See the 1730, 1749
1739 Thomas Kitchin: "A MAP of
the Eastern Part of POLAND,"
London, 8.9 x 7 inches / 22.5 x
17.8 cm, as published in
, with a DETAIL image.
See the 1766 version.
1739 Claude Buffier: "La
Pologne suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des
Sciences de Paris,” dated
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1736 Herman Moll (mapmaker) - Thos. Bowles
(publisher): "Poland: Subdivided into its several
Palatinates & c Agreeable to Modern History," London,
21 x 26 cm., from the third edition of his "Atlas Minor."
Compare with the 1727, 1728, 1732, 1740, 1744  and
1755 versions.
1732 Paul de La Feuille: "Le Royaume De
Pologne Avec Ses Confins," Amsterdam,  map
17 x 13 cm. Also a
DETAIL image. Compare
with versions from 1702, 1707, 1717, 1747
and 1753.
1737 Johann Jacob Lidl
(engraver): "REGNUM
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1733 Johann Schreiber: "Reise Charte durch
das Königreich Polen: mit allen darzu
gehörigen Laendern / verfer- tiget von
J[ohann] G[eorg] Schreibern inLeipzig," from
his "Atlas Minor." Compare with the 1730 and
1739 versions.
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1733-34 Anselm Desing:
"XXVI Haupt Karte POLEN,"
fromthe first edition of his
"Historica Auxilia." See the
1741 version.
1739 J.B. Homan:  
exacta tabula, ad
mentem Starovolcii, "
Nürnberg. Cartouch
slightly differs from the
other 1739 versions
From from the
National Library of France:
1740 Giovanni Albrizzi (publisher) - G. Delisle - Isaac Tirion: "REGNO DI POLONIA,"
Venice, 11.2 x 9.4 inches, in three versions from Albrizzi's 1740 Venice atlas.
1740 Herman Moll:
"Poland: Subdivided..,"
London, 26 x 20cm.,
"Atlas Minor." Compare
with '27, '28, '32, '36,
'44 and '55  versions.
1740 J.B. Nolin: "Le
Royaume de Pologne,"
45.5 x 60.5 cm.
c1740 R. & J. Ottens: "Reipublicae et Status Generalis Poloniae Nova
Tabula, Comprehendens Maioris et Minoris Poloniae Regni..."
Amsterdam, 20 x 35  inches / 51 x 89 cm., in two versions.
1740 Schenk Family: "Estats de Pologne...",  
Amsterdam, 22.8 x 18 inches, based on Sanson's work,
in two versions.
c1740 -1741 John Senex: "A new Map of POLAND from
the lateft Obser," London, 6 x 7½" from Patrick  
Gordon's "Geography Anatomiz'd." See the 1744 and
1749 versions.
Matthaus Seutter: "Novissima et accuratissima MAGNI DUCATUS LITHUANIÆ,"
Augsburg, 20 x 23 inches, in three versions of the
Second State, identified by the
presence of the "privilege under the top right border.
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1740 Matthaus Seutter:
LITHUANIAE," Augsburg,
in the second state.
1740 Matthaus Seutter: "POLONIÆ REGNUM  ut et
DUCAT. LITHUANIÆ," Augsburg, in two versions from
his "Atlas Minor." Compare with the 1744 and 1750
1741 Anselm Desing:
"XXVI Haupt Karte
POLEN," from the 1741
edition of his "Historica
Auxilia," also published
1733-34, and 1746-47.
1741 Nicolas Lenglet-Du
Fresnoy: "LE ROYAUME
CONFINS," Venice,  5.5
by 7 inches, from "
Methode pour etudier la
geographie," published
1718 to 1755.
1738 Claude Buffier: "La
Pologne suivant les
degrés de l'Académie des
Sciences de Paris, Des-
brulins Sculp.”
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1735 Matthäus Seutter: "Novissima et
accuratissima Magni Ducatus Lithuaniæ
in suos Palatinaus et Castellanias divisӕ
Delineatio, cura et impressis Matthaei
Seutteri, S. Caes. et reg. Cathol. Majest.
Geogr. et Chalcographi Augustani," Augs-
burg, in the
2nd State, by virtue of the
"privilege" inscription, awarded to Seutter
1731, under the top right frame line.
1735 Matthäus Seutter: "Poloniæ Regnum ut et Magni
Ducatus Lithuaniæ Accuratiss. Delineatione
repræsentat. Opera et Studio Matth. Seutteri Sac. Cæs.
Maj. Geogr. Aug." Augsburg. This is second state with
added letters to the border scale.
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Guillaume Delisle (mapmaker): "La Pologne, Dressée sur ce qu´en ontdonné Starovolsk..," Amsterdam -- published by a variety of publishers, in a plate, first published by Delisle in
1702, by Covens & Martier beginning in 1730, and by Nicolaes Visscher, with a dated cartouche, in 1734, for his "Atlas minor sive Totius orbis terrarum contracta delinea ex
conatibus," printed by Schenk and Ottens. The 1742 version was published in "Atlas Nouveau."
1734 [dated]:
1736: Covens et Mortier
(5th state)
1736: Covens et Mortier
(5th state)
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1741: Covens et Mortier
(5th state)
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1742 John Cowley: "A Map of
POLAND, Prufia and Courland,"
London. Also a
DETAIL image. From
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1742 Denise Macquart
(engraver): "POLONIA,"
Venice, 6 x 8.5 inches,
published by Francesco
1742 Jean Baptiste Renou
de Chauvigne- Jaillot: "LA
1742-72 J.B. Nolin, Jr.: "LE
nant les Etats de POLOGNE et de
LITHUANIÆ...," Paris, 18.4 x 23.1
inches / 46.8 x 58.8 cm . This
version has a paste-over slip on the
cartouche with a color-key update
for 1772.
1742 Covens et Mortier
(5th state)
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Markkleeberg, Germany
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Latvian National Library:
Beinecke Rare Book and
Manuscript Library, Yale Univ.
Wroblewski Library of the
Lithuanian Academy of
Librairie  Le Bail :
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Royal Danish Library:
1740 Johann Georg Schreiber (engraver/
: "Vol 2: 141- Die Hertzogthümer
Curland und Liefland," Leipzig, 16 x 24
cm, from his "Atlas selectus von allen
Konigreichen und Landern der Welt."
c1740 Reiner I and Josua Ottens (com-
posite atlas publishers)
: "Magni ducatus
Lithuaniæ divisa tam in palatinatus...
Cum Privilegio," Amsterdam.
From Royal
Danish Library:
1734 [dated]: