Maps: 1684 - 1695
c. 1685 Allain Manesson Mallet: "POLOGNE," with the page heading "Das Königreich Poln, FIGURE XXXII," Frankfurt, , 5.9 x 4.3
inches / 15 x 11 cm, copper engraving in versions from the first German-language edition of his "Description de l'Univers."
Robert Morden: " Poland," London, 5 x 5 inches, full page  from the
second (1688)  and third (1693) editions of "Geography Rectified."
Robert Morden  Morden (publisher): "Poland," London, 5 x 5.5 inches / 12 x 13 cm, in maps excised from a full page
from "Geography Rectified," which appears to have been copied from Duval.
1688-89  Sanson (original mapmaker) -
Nicolaes Visscher
(publisher): "Tabula
nova totius REGNI POLONIÆ. in quo
sunt Ducatus et Provinciae Prussia,
Cujavia, Mazovia, Russia Nigra, &c.
Ducatus Lithuania..," Amsterdam,
53.3 x 63.5 cm, in the plate's 4th State.
From "Atlas Minor sive totius orbis
terrarum..," first published 1683.
c. 1689 Frederick de Wit (revising publisher): Blaeu's north on the right "Magni Ducatus
Lithuaniæ..," Amsterdam, 20.5 x 17.5 inches, in versions from his "Composite Atlas"
with de Wit's name replacing Blaeu's on a plate purchased 1674. In 1710 Pieter Mortier
bought the plate, and reissued the map from 1720 onwards with "Covens et Mortier"
added beneath the cartouche.
1690 Vincenzo Coronelli: "LITUANIA Dedicata All 'Illustrissimo Signore..," Venice,
24 x 17.5 inches / 46 x 60 cm, from his "Atlante Veneta.." The map also appeared in
some versions of Coronelli's "Isolare Descrittione."
c. 1690 Danckerts Family: "Regni Poloniӕ et  Ducatus Lithuaniӕ Voliniӕ Podoliӕ Vcraniӕ Prvssiӕ et Cvrlandiӕ," Amsterdam, 49 x 58 cm, in
the First State, with Danckerts' "Cum Privelegio," granted 1684, and renewed 1699 for another 15 years. See c. 1700 for the Second State.
1690 Guillaume Delisle:
Amsterdam, 60.5 x 47.5
cm. Published by Ptetrus
Schenk(en) II.
1690 Nicholas Sanson -
Antony d'Winter
engraver): "DE STATEN
van De Kroon POOLEN..,"
Amsterdam, 7.5 x 10
inches, from "Atlas
Portatif et Nouveau du
Voyageur," by Chez
Pierre Mortier.
1690 Nicholas Sanson -
L.C. Cordier
"Estats de la couronne de
Pologne," 46 x 65 cm,
published 1690-99.
Bibliotheque nationale de
1690 Gerard Valk (engraver/publisher) - Petrus Schenk (publisher): "MAGNI DUCATUS LITHUANIÆ...Nicolai Christophori Radziwil D. G. Olycae ac
in Nieswies Ducis S. Rom. Imp. Principis in Szylowiec ac Mir..." 54 x 44 cm.,  with "P. Schenk - G. Valk Cum Priv." just above the lower left
frameline. Valk's "privilege" was granted 1686.
1692 [dated] Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (mapmaker/publisher): "Estats de Pologne Subdivisés suivant l'estendue des
Palatinats Par Le Sr. Sanson..," Paris, 34 x 22 inches / 54.4 x 87 cm. from "Atlas Nouveau." Much of Jaillot's output
was based on maps by Nicolas Sanson reworked, at Jaillot's request in 1670, by Adrien and Guillaume Sanson. "Atlas
Nouveau" was published in editions of 1681, '85,  '89, '92, '96 and '98. The 1692, '96 and '98 editions were pirated by
Amsterdam publisher Pierre Mortier.  See the dated 1685 version.
c. 1694 Philipp Clüver: "Veteris et Novae REGNI POLONIÆ Magniq Ducatus
Lithuaniæ cum suis Palatinatibus ac Confinus descriptio," 8.5 x 10 inches, in three
versions from "Introductionis in Universam Geographicam," issued in various-sized
editions from 1650 to the mid- 1700's.
1694 Jacques Peeters:
"Estats de la Couronne
de POLOGNE..,"
Antwerp, 6.5 x 7 inches,
crediting Sanson.
c. 1685 Frederick de Wit: "REGNI POLONIÆ et Ducatus LITHUANIÆ, Voliniæ, Podoliæ, Vcraniæ, Prvssiæ et Cvrlandiæ descriptio..," 22 x 19 inches, Amsterdam, published by Abraham
Wolfgang, in four versions of the
First State of the cartouche. Note three ships in the Baltic in the first three examples, four ships in the fourth version: a buyer option. Compare with
the 1680, 1689 (2nd state cartouche) and 1700 (3rd state cartouche) versions. See the c1690 van Schagen copies.
1690 Sanson (original mapmaker, in 1655) -  Nicolaes Visscher (publisher): "Tabula Nova totius REGNI POLONIÆ in quo sunt DUCATUS et PROVINCIÆ Prussia, Cujavia, Mazovia,
RUSSIA, NIGRA &c. DUCATUS LITHUANIA, UKRAINIA... VOLHYNIA et PODOLIA," Amsterdam, 16.5 x 22 inches / 42 x 56 cm., in the 4th  State of the plate from Visscher's "Atlas
minor sive totius orbis terrarum."
Damckerts Family: "Ducatuum Livoniæ et Curlandiæ Novissima Tabula in Quibus sunt Estonia Litlandia...cum Privilegio Ord: Hollandiæ et
West-Friesiæ." Amsterdam, 24 1/2 x 20 inches. The map appeared in a Cornelius Danckerts' atlas as late as 1698.
1692 Jacques Peeters (engraver/publisher): "ESTATS de la COURONNE POLOGNE,"
Antwerp, paper 20.5 x 18.1 cm, in versions from "L 'Atlas en abrege ou Nouvelle
Description du Monde."
c. 1690-95 Danckerts Family: "Magni Ducatus Lithuaniæ, Divisa Tam In
Palatinatus," Amsterdam, in three versions. Danckerts sold this plate to the Ottens
brothers in 1726 -- see their version of this map, with the Ottens name on the
cartouche, from 1726 and 1788.
c. 1690 Gerard Valk (engraver/publisher): "Tabula Ducatuum Livoniӕ et Curlandiӕ: recentior incisa editaque per Gerardum Valck,"  Amsterdam,
23 x 19 inches.
1690 Robert Morden - Francis Lamb
(engraver): "A New Mapp of the Estates of the
Crown of Poland..," London, 56.5 x 44.2 cm,
in the Second State. The First State was
published 1672.  
1692 Two maps by Johann Ulrich Müller (geographer/
- Gabriel Bodenehr (engraver/publisher):
"Litthauen," and "Pohlen," Ulm, both 8.8 x 7.3 cm, both
published in his  "Kurtz- bündige Abbild- und Vorstellung
der Gantzen Welt.... "
Both from cesgia on eBay
1691 Jean Nicolas de Tillemont - Jean
Baptiste Nolin: "Le Royaume de
Pologne et de Lithuanie ..." Paris, and a
DETAIL image of the cartouche of a
second version.
First map and detail image
from rom
Univ. of Tartu:
1689-99 Frederick de Wit: "REGNI POLONIÆ  et Dvcatus LITHVANIÆ...descriptio emendata per F. de Wit. Amstel-
odami per F. de Witt Cum Privilegio D.D. Ordinum Hollandiae Westfrisiæ," Amsterdam, in versions of the
, with the privilege -- and a mileage chart. See the 1680, 1685 and 1700 versions, and the c. 1690 van
Schagen copies.
Willem Blaeu (mapmaker) - Hessel Gerritsz (engraver) - Abraham
(1685 publisher): "Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae et Regio-
num Adiacentium exacta Descriptio..," Amsterdam, in two late
editions of Blaeu's 1613 map. Blaeu's print shop burned in 1672,
Willem's son Johannes died in 1673, and this surviving plate was
sold at a 1674 auction  to Frederick de Wit, who added his name to
the cartouche in 1689. Blaeu's printed stock without Wit's name
would last until 1695, when the remaining inventory was sold.
1694 [dated] Alexis-Hubert Jaillot: "Estats De La Couronne De Pologne presente a
Monseigneur Le Duc De Bourgogne..," Amsterdam, 24 x 19 inches, first issued in the
"Atlas Royal a l’usage de Monseigneur le Duc de Burgogne." Originally a sculptor, Jaillot
went into partnership with Nicholas Sanson's sons. In 1670 he asked them to rework
Nicolas -- The Elder -- Sanson's maps for new atlases, some of which were pirated by Pierre
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Lithuanian National Museum:
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Manuscript Library at Yale
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1688 [dated] Giovanni Giacomo de
(publisher) - Giorgio Widman
(engraver who copied G. Sanson's
POLONIA..," Rome. See the 1678, c.
1692 and 1695 versions.
1687 Jakob von Standrart (engraver/
- Abraham Lichtenthaler
(printer): "Magnus Ducat: Lithuaniæ &
Russia Alba," Sulzbach, 13.8 cm x,
from "Des Koenigsreichs Pohlen Land-
Staats und Zeit Beschreibung." Based on
earlier work by Guillaume Le Vasseur de
Royal Danish Library:
Harvard Map Library:
Harvard Map Library:
c. 1684 Christoph
: "Accurata
Livoniæ Descriptio."
From  the Royal Danish
c. 1684-87
Royal Danish Library:
1695 Guillaume Sanson (original mapmaker) - Giorgio Widman (copying engraver) -
Giacomo Rossi
(printer/publisher): "Stati Della Corona di Polonia. Diuisa neele sue Principali
Provincie e Palatinati..." Rome, 42 x 56 cm, from "Mercurio Geografico', first published in
1674 without a map of Poland. The 1678 and 1688 editions did, and their images are on
this site, with dated cartouches. These two maps are undated.
Royal Danish Library:
Royal Danish Library:
1695 Daniel de La Feuille
original engraver) - Herman
(re-engraver) - Timothy
(publisher): "THE
with its CONFINES," London,
in the 3rd version of the
original Plate, from the first,
English, edition of
"Thesaurus geographicus..."
c. 1690 Gerard & Leonard Valk (father and son
engravers and publishers)
: "Regnum Poloniæ divisum in
Magnum Lithuaniæ, magnam parvam que
Poloniam..," Amsterdam, 60.1 x 51.7 cm. No cartouche.
cesgia on eBay
Royal Danish Library:
1689 Nicolas de Fer:
(mapmaker) - Dezallier
(publisher): "Estats de la
Couronne de Pologne,"
Paris, 6.2 x 5.3 inches,  
from the first edition of
Robbe's "Methode pour
apprendre facilement la
c. 1690 Gerrit Lucasz van Schagen (engraver/cartographer, and copier, with changes, of maps by Visscher and de Wit):
"REGNI POLONIÆ et Ducatus LITHUANIÆ, Voliniæ, Podoliæ, Vcraniæ, Prvssiæ et Cvrlandiæ descriptio..,"  Amsterdam,
49 x 55.5 cm, in what is a copy of de Wit's
First State, 1680-85, of the same-titled map/cartouche, with changes in
outlines of some islands, especially Bornholm, overall size, lettering, and, of course, attribution.
Library of the university of Amsterdam:
Vilnius Univ. Library:
c. 1692
Yale Beinecke Library:
1690 Vincenzo Coronelli:
ORIENTALE," Venice, in
two unjoined maps, each
600 x 450 mm / 24 x 18
inches, from his "Corso
Geografico Universale."
1690 Janssonius and Moses Pitt (publishers): " "NOVA
TOTIVS LIVONIÆ accurata Descriptio." Oxford, 15.2 x
20.3 inches, from Pitt's "The English Atlas." See 1640
1692-1708 Nicolas Sanson (original mapmaker) -  Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (mapmaker) - Pierre Mortier (pirating publisher):
"Estats de Pologne Subdivisés suivant l'estendue des Palatinats Par Le Sr. Sanson..," Amsterdam. Other publishers
copying Jaillot's plate, but making changes to the shapes of both cartouches, included William Berry in London and
Johann Hoffman in Nuremberg.
Jagiellońska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
Jagiellońska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
1685 [dated] Sanson
(original mapmaker)
Hubert Jaillot  
Jaillot (geographer/
: "Estats de
Pologne..," Paris, in a map
with two huge holes, in an
image taken with my
smartphone, as it has not
been digitized. See versions
from 1675, 1692, 1708 and
From  The New York Public
Library's map collection.
Antiquariat Clemens Paulusch,
Berlin, via
c. 1690 "Das Königreich
Pohlen und Grosherzog-
thum Litthauen," 30 x 24
From Münster Univ.- und
Landesbibliothek: https://
Univ. of Vilnius Library:
Münster Univ.- und Landes-
bibliothek: https://sammlungen
on eBay
1689 Nicolas de Fer: "LES
Suivant les dernieres
Relations," Paris, 18 x 30
cm, published by Jean
Baptiste Coignard.
1690 Daniel de La Feuille (mapmaker/engraver) -
J.B. Barbier
(publisher): "LE ROYAVME DE POLOGNE..,"
1st Plate, 1st State, from "Nouvelle Métode pour
apprendre la Géographie Universelle...."
National Library of Estonia: