Maps: 1676 - 1683
1676 John Speed: "A
Done into English,"
London, 15 ¾ x 20 ¼
inches, from the last
edition of his "A Prospect
of the Most Famous Parts
of the World," originally
published by George
Humble in 1627,
Britain's first printed
atlas of the world,
reissued under a variety
of publishers.
1678 Philipp Cluver:
"Veteris et Nova
1678 Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (publisher) - Vincenzo  
(engraver) Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola (carto-
: "Stati Della Corona Di Polonia Divisa..." Rome,
in two versions.
First map from; second from
Biblioteka Cyfrowa Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego: the Digital
Library of Wrocław University, via mapywig
1679 Nicolaes Visscher -  Nicholas Sanson: "Tabula nova totius REGNI POLONIÆ. in quo sunt Ducatus et Provinciae Prussia, Cujavia, Mazovia, Russia Nigra, &c. DUCATUS LITHUANIA,
UKRANIA, &c. in qua Volhynia, et Podolia. cum suis Palatinatibus ac Confinys," Amsterdam, 42.3 x 55.5 cm copper engraving in four differently-colored versions. Visscher, the
publisher, had Sanson's 1655 map copied and published as his own.
First map from the Univ. of Freiburg:; second map from the Konnklijke
Bibliotheek, The Hague, The Netherlands; third map from Antiquariat Reinhold Berg:; fourth map from
1680 Pierre Duval:
'"POLOGNE Royaume
electif." See 1681 version.
1680 Casimir
Don Freschott: "
one of many
maps in a
"Goose Game"
he printed as a
1680 Nicolaes Visscher:
c1680 Frederick de Wit: "REGNI POLONIÆ et Dvcatus LITHVANIÆ, Voliniae, Podoliae Vcraniae Prvssiæ et Cvrlandiæ Novissima et Correctissima
Descriptio," Amsterdam, 19.37 x 22.44 inches / 56 x 48 cm, in five differently-colored versions with the first state of the cartouche. Yet another
version of this map is
AK-02. See the 1700 versions with an updated cartouche. First map is from; second is from; third
map is from the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library:; fourth map is from www.abrahambock.comö fifth map is from
1681 Nicolaes Visscher:
"Tabula PRUSSIÆ..."
Based on a 1676 nine-
sheet map of Prussia by
Caspar Henneberger.
1682 Philipp Cluver:
"LITHUANIA." His “Intro-
ductionis in Universam
Geographicam,” first
published in 1624, was re-
issued from 1667 to 1729
and later. This map,
, is from a 1682 edition.
See the 1676 version above.
1682 Danckerts Family:
c1683 - 1685 Allain Manesson-Mallet: DE L'EUROPE, FIGURE 36 [OR 39], "POLOGNE," Paris, 5.5 x 4 inches, in eight versions,  all from either the first (1683) or second (1685)
French edition of volume 4 [of 5] of "Description de l'Univers...," published by Denys Thierry. Colorists drew different boundaries for each version of "Pologne."
1st map, from gkgrec on
eBay;  2nd  from odetowhitman on eBay; 4th map from Beach Antique Maps and Prints : "bertius" on eBay; 5th map from; 7th map from LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS:; 8th
map from
1683 Pierre Moullart Sanson: "Estats de la Couronne de Pologne," Paris, 7 1/4 x 10 inches, in six versions, all engraved by Anthony d'Winter, the first three without the borders
usually found on maps in Sanson's quarto atlas of Europe.
The third map is from; the fourth map, with borders, is from The Portsmouth Bookshop; the fifth map is from;
the sixth map is from
c1680-83 Nicholas
Sanson: "ESTATS de la
Couronne de POLOGNE.
From babi_de on German eBay
1680 Frederick de Wit: "DUCATUUM LIVONIÆ et CURLANDIÆ, Nova Tabula...," Amsterdam, in four different
versions, each 42 x 50 cm / 16.4 x 19.5 inches.
The first two maps are from the Univ. of Tartu, Estonia:; the third map is from; the fourth map is from
1682 Pierre Duval:
'POLOGNE Royaume
Electif." Paris, 100 x 125
mm. From his "Geograph-
ie Universelle." See 1680
1676 Philipp Clüver: "LITHUANIA," Amsterdam, 11 x
7.5 inches, from his "Introductionis in Universam
Geographiam." First published in 1624, it was
re-issued from 1667 to 1729 and later. See the 1682
version below, and four
DETAIL images on the right.
From dive13 on eBay
1679 Pierre Duval: "POLONIÆ Regnum,"
along with a
DETAIL image of the
From maklize on eBay
1680 Danckerts Family: "REGNI POLONIÆ et DUCATUS LITHUANIÆ,"
Amsterdam, 19.8 x 22.6 inches. / 50.2 x 57.5 cm. Also a
DETAIL image.
Compare with the 1682 version.
1677 Pierre Duval:  ""Les Royaumes
du Nort ou Sont principalement les
Estats de la Couronne de Pologne..,"
Paris, in the second state of the map,
first published 1660 -- renamed and
with LaPoint's name deleted.
1681 Sir Jonas Moore
): "POLAND,"
16 x 20 cm.
From the New
York Public Library: digital
c1683  - 1685   Allain Manesson- Mallet: "DE L'EUROPE,
FIGURE 37, POLOGNE," Paris, 14.5 x 10.5 cm, in three
versions from Volume 4 [of 5] of either the first (1683) or
second (1685) French edition of  "Description de l'univers...."
published by Denys Thierry. Colorists of each map painted
different boundaries for "Pologne."
First map from www.; second from; third from
1680 Moses Pitt: "Magni Ducatus Lithuaniæ
Caetrarumq Regionum illi Adiacentium exacta
decrip..." Amsterdam, 22 x 18.5 inches, in two
versions of a late re-issue of Jansson's single sheet
version, itself based on Blaeu's version of Hessel
Gerritsz''s 1613 map.
First map from;
second from
1680 Nicolas Sanson: "A MAPP of the ESTATES of the
CROWNE of POLAND: where are the KINGDOM of
POLAND with its Palatinates, the Dutches of Russia-
Noire Cujavia, Mazovia, Prussia, Lithuania, Volhynia,
Podolia, etc." London, 27 x 40 cm, published by Francis
Lamb and Richard Blome. The map's dedication: "To
the R. Worship Full Sr Robert Clayton of the Citty of
London K. and Alderman and Lord Mayr ."  
1680 Janssonius Family
- Moses Pitt
(publisher): "Nova Totvs
Livoniæ," Amsterdam,
39.5 x 52cm /15.4 x 20.3
inches), in  a late version
from Pitt's "The English
Atlas." The first edition of
the map was 16.36, on
this site, as well as
versions from 1637,
1638, 1641 and 1642.
1683 William Berry (mapmaker/publisher): "Poland
Subdivided according to the Extent of its severall
Palatinates...Dedicated To the most serene and most
sacred majesty of Charles II...," London, 53.2 x 85.3 cm.,
in two versions. Described on the map as Berry
correcting/amending Sanson's work, but actually based
on Jaillot's reworking of Sanson's map. The largest map
of Poland published at the time. See the Bowles version of
First map from LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS: .ldfondas.
lt/en/collection; second from Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book
FIGURE XXXVII     pg 93                   FIGURE XXXVI       pg 95                        FIGURE XXXIX          pg 97  
1683 (dated on Volume 4 of 5 of the first, and French, edition of Allain Manesson-Mallet's:
"Description de l'univers..,." published in Paris by Denys Thierry. These three maps are on
consecutive right-hand pages of the copy in the possession of the New York Public Library: the
page numbers make sense, but the "Figure" Roman numerals are out of sequence. Also, the
third map appears to be printed from the same plate as the second map, with the addition of
the phrase "Tome III" on the lower page margin. Why this third map was bound into the atlas,
I can't explain -- but it illustrates the difficulty of accurately identifying the provenance of one
of these maps merely by the plate image.
From the New York Public Library's Rare Book Room
1677(dated) Nicholas Sanson
- Johann Hofmann
(publisher): "...Regni Poloniæ prout
dividitur in suos Palatinatus..."
Nürnberg, in two un-joined sheets,
each 46 x 60.8 cm.
From cesgia on
1681 Pierre Duval: "POLONIÆ Regnum,"
Paris, 13 x 12 cm, from his "Geographiæ
From maklize on eBay
1677 (dated) Henricus
Hondius III: "Livoniæ et
Curlandiæ descriptio,"
From The
National Library of Finland: