Maps: 1624 - 1650
1627 John Speed: "A
POLAND." Possibly from
his "A Prospect of the
Most Famous Parts of
the World," first
published by George
Humble in 1627.
1628 Gerard Mercator:
"LITHVANIA," 16 1/2 x
14 1/2 inches / 420 x
370 mm, from one of
the last unaltered
editions of Mercator's
atlas -- the 1628 French
c1630-32 Jan Cloppenburgh (publisher) - Pieter van den Keere (engraver) -  Gerard Mercator (cartographer):  'LITHUANIA," in five versions from "Atlas Minor Gerardi
Mercatoris Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes...," 11 x 8.5 inches, published 1628-52. "Petrus Kærius" signature is on the bottom right.
First map from the National Library of
Lithuania:; third map from old-leaf on eBay; 4th version from; fifth map from Old World Auctions; sixth map from LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS:
1633 Gerard Mercator:
"LITHVANIA," engraved
in Duisburg circa 1590,
printed in Amsterdam
1633. 43.5 cm x 37 cm.  
Mercator's 3-volume
“Atlas, sive Cosmo-
graphicae...” was first
published 1595. Hondius
reissued the atlas from
1634 Willem Blaeu:
TABVLÆ" Amsterdam.
19.5 x 15 inches. Also a
DETAIL image.
Johannes Janssonius "MAGNI DVCATVS LITHVANIÆ," Amsterdam, 22 x 18.5 inches, in two versions published
, along with a 1640 and a 1650 version. Compare with the  1680 and 1699 versions of the same map. First 1636
map from The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences:; second 1636 map from;
1650 version  from Old Leaf, on eBay
c1638 Matthaus Merian: "Magni Dvcatvs LITHVANIÆ
...," Frankfurt, 12.75 x 14.5 inches. Compare with the
1650 version, and with Blaeu''s of 1648. North is on the
The colored version is AK-26; the uncolored version is from
The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences:
1646 Speed - Pieter van
den Keere (engraver):
"POLONIA," London, 8.6
x 12.3 cm.  
1647 Abraham Ortelius:
Venice, from Pietro
Querini's 1647 edition of
Abraham Ortelius'   
"Theatro del Mondo."
1648 Willem Blaeu: "MAGNI DVCATVS
LITHVANIÆ," dedicated to the Radziwils,
Lithuanians who ordered
Maciej Strubicz
to map the area in 1584-95. In 1613
Johannes Jansonnius published a Hessel
Gerritsz- engraved copy of that map; Blaeu
copied/published it in 1648. See the 1662
From Konnklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague
1649 Philippe Briet: "LE ROYAVME DE
POLOGNE," Paris, 15 x 20 cm, from
"Parallela Geographiae Veteris et Novae.
Auctore Philippo Brietio..."
1630 Johannes
Janssonius: "Livonia,"
Amsterdam, 18 x 14
cm, from
"Atlas Minor."
1636 - 1647 versions of Johannes Janssonius: "NOVA TOTIVS LIVONIÆ accurata Defcriptio.," Amsterdam, 20.5 x 15.5 inches / 50 x 37 cm, from "Nouveau theatre du mode ou nouvel atlas," published 1638
simultaneously by both Henricus Hondius and Johannes Janssonius II as a total reworking of the Mercator-Hondius atlas.
The 1636 version is from;  the 1637 is from; the 1638 and 1641
versions are from the Unv. of Tartu:; the 1639 and 1647 are from; the 1642 version is from
1630 Gerard Mercator's 1627 map, reissued by Hondius Family: "LIVONIA,"
Amsterdam, 47 x 36 cm / 18 x 14 inches, in two colored and one uncolored versions.
"Henrici Hondij 1627" is in the lower right corner, above the frame line.
First colored map  
from; second from; uncolored map from Unv. of Tartu:
1628 Gerard Mercator  - Hondius Family: "LIVONIA SIVE
LIEFLAND," Amsterdam. From Mercator's "Atlas Minor,"
as issued by Hondius.
Map on the left from; on
the right, from the Unv. of Tartu:
Joan Blaeu: "LIVONIA, Vulgo Lyefland," Amsterdam, in three versions from his "Atlas
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive, Atlas Novus," published 1630 - 1655 in six volumes.

1648 images from DSpace at the Univ. of Tartu:; c1650 map from
c1640 Jan Jansson:
Amsterdam, 21 x 17
1635 Gerard Mercator - Hondius Family: "LIVONIA or LIEFLAND," from the Mercator-Hondius atlas  
"Historia Mundi," the first English edition, in three versions.
First two from the National Library of
Latvia:; third from   
1625 Gerard Mercator:  
"LITHUANIA," Paris, 5.5 x
8 inches, from his "Atlas
Minor," first published in
1607. Compare with
1620 versions.
From cesgia,
Beach Antique Maps & Prints on
1630 Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan: "Nova totius
Amsterdam, 51.5 x 39.5 cm, in two versions.
First map
from Bibliotheque nationale de France:; second
1638                                                  1638                                                    1638                                                  1639                                               1641                                                   1642                                               1647
1636                                                  1636                                                 1640                                                 1650
1625 Hondius Family - Gerard Mercator: "LIVONIA," London, 7.4 x 5.9 inches / 152 x 190 mm in four versions, and the full
page of the fourth image. From the 1625-26 edition of the travels of cleric Samuel Purchas' "Purchas: His Pilgrimes." On a 13 x
9 inch sheet with English text, front and back.
First map:; second and third maps: The National Library of Latvia:; fourth map and full page:
c1627 Gerard Mercator: "LIVONIA," Amsterdam, 18 x 14 inches /36.5 x 46.5 cm., in four versions. This map, first
issued with a different cartouche in 1595, from "Gerardi Mercatoris - Atlas sive Cosmographicae...," was later
reissued by Hondius in Amsterdam in 1630, with a date of 1627 and Hondius' name  in the lower right corner.
map from The National Library of Latvia via the European Library.or; second and third maps from; fourth map from
1630 Pieter van den Keere
,  Gerard
Mercator (cartographer),
Jan Cloppenburgh
(publisher): "LIVONIA," 10
x 7.3 inches. From "Atlas
From  the National
Library of Estonia via
c1640 Joan Blaeu: "LIVONIA, Vulgo Lyefland,"  Amsterdam, in three versions, 19.5 x
15.1 inches / 38.5 x 50 cm, from volume I of  "Atlas Theatrum orbis terrarum, sive,
Atlas Novus." Compare with the 1648 versions below.
 First map from the National Library of
Latvia:; second and third from www.raremaps
1650 Daniel de La Feuille:
"La Livonie," Amsterdam,
160 x223 mm. F
National Library of Latvia:
1645 Willem Blaeu: "Magni Ducatus
Lithuaniæ," Amsterdam, 29.4 x 41.3
inches /74.6 x 105.0 cm. Engraved by
Hessel Gerritsz, this was originally a
Radvilas commission, with added river
maps by Tomasz  Makowski.
1648 Janssonius Family:
"LITHUANIA," Amster-
dam, image 7.9 x 5.7
inches, from a reissue of
the Mercator-Hondius "
Atlas Minor" re-engraved
by Pieter van den Keere.
From ruggis on eBay  
1625 Willem Blaeu:
"Ryghsche Bodem" Am-
sterdam, from his "Het
Licht der Zeevaert"
of the Seas)
. North is on
the left, as is Reval
(Talinn), Riga is at the
top, and Memel on the far
From the Unv. of Tartu:
1628 Sebastian Munster: "Landtafel des Unger-
lands / Polands / Reussen / Littaw / Walachey
und Bulgarey," from one of the last editions of
"Cosmographia oder Beschreibung der gantzen
Wellt," pubished in 40 editions between 1544
and 1628. Also four
DETAIL images. From Old
tTimes Rare Antiquarian Books & Maps  
c1640 Matthaus Merian:  
"Livonia vulgo Lyefland,"
Frankfurt, 14.5 x 11
inches, from Merian's
edition of Blaeu's map.
c1634 Gerard Mercator - Hondius Family: "Lithuania," Amsterdam, 5.7 x 7.9 inches. / 14.5 x 20.0
cm, in three versions. First published in 1607, this map is present on this site in 1620 and 1625
First version from; second from LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS:;
third version from babi_de on eBay
Gerard Mercator - Hondius Family: "Lithuania (with the page title
"Dvkdome of Lithvania), London, the 1635 version 29.80 × 19 cm;
the 1637 version 18 x 13.5 cm, published by Michaell Sparke.
1635 map
from  LIETUVOS DAILĖS FONDAS:; 1637 map from www.
1650 Matthaus Merian: "Magni Dvcatvs
LITHVANIÆ," Amsterdam, 39 x 32 cm.,
oriented with compass north on the right.
Compare with the original basis for this
map: the Blaeu-drawn, Hessel-Gerritsz-
engraved, north at the top, 1613 map.
Compare also with Merian's 1638 version
published in Frankfurt, and Blaeu's 1648
and 1662 versions.
1635                                                    1637
1635 T. Makowski (map-
-  Hessel Gerritsz  
(engraver) - Blaeu (publish-
: "Magni Dvcatvs
Litvan- iæ," Amsterdam.  
First time Makowski's
name is not on this map.
From the Lithuanian National
1640 Jan (II) Jansson:
"Prvssia Accvrate
Descripta a Gasparo
Henneberg Erlichensi,"
Amsterdam, 19 x 15
1650 Matthaus Merian (engraver/publisher): "Livonia vulgo Lyefland," Frankfurt,
15.0 x 19.4 inches, in two versions based on a map by Willem Blaeu.
First map from; second from vau777 on eBay
1625 Samuel
-  Jodocus Hondius
based on Hondius'
c1610 map.
From "Purchas
His Pilgrims,"
a travellogue.
c1636 Gerard Mercator -  Jan Jansson:
"Livoniæ et Curlandiæ Descriptio."
Amsterdam, 36.5  x 47 cm / 14.4 x 18.5
inches, in an apparently unrecorded Third
State of Mercator's original map, first
published in the "Atlantis Pars Altera'" in
1595. In the second state Mercator's
imprint of Mercator is retained but
"Amstelodami, Sumptibus Henrici Hondii.
1627" was added in the lower right corner.
The heavy stippling of the sea has been
removed in this 3rd state, perhaps to make
it acceptable for the new "Atlas Novus"
1648 Nicolas Sanson: "Polonia &
Lithuania Cum suis Palatinatibus,"
32.4 x 23.2 cm.
From cesgia - Old Times
Rare Books and Maps - on eBay
1648 P.M. Sanson - A. Peyrounin
(engraver): Estats de la Couronne de
Pologne," Paris, 19 x 26 cm, published
1648 to 1657 in "L'Europe," Sanson's first