Maps: 1577 - 1593
1578 Gerard de Jode:
"Polonia," from
"Speculum Orbis
Vaclovas Grodeckis - Abraham Ortelius: "POLONIÆ finitimarumque locorum descriptio,” initially in Antwerp, 19.5 x 14.5 inches / 38 x
50.5 cm., but later published many different sizes, in 11 differently-colored versions. All are from "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," first
published in 1570.
First 1579 map from; 2nd from; 3rd from; both 1581 versions  
from; 1584 version from; 1587 version from World Digital Library:; 2nd 1592 version
1584 Abraham Ortelius: "PRVSSIÆ..." 18 x 14 inches, Antwerp, in two different versions,
with different cartouches, both from his "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," and both showing
the Memel/Klaipeda area of Lithuania.  
Both from
1585 Abraham
Ortelius: "POLONIA"
1585  Abraham Ortelius -
Philippe Galle: "POLONIÆ
DESCRIPTIO," 7.5 x 10.3
cm, from Ortelius'-
Godreccio's "Il Theatro del
Sebastian Munster: "Landtafel des Ungerlands / Polands / Reussen /Littaw / Walachen und Bulgaren," Basle, 14 x 10", in
four versions from early editions of "Cosmographia," one of the most influential works of the 16th Century.
First, 1578 map from; third, 1588 map from twinghiwin on ebay; fourth map from cesgia on eBay
1588 Sebastian Munster:
"Prussen," 5.5 x 3.5
inches, from "Cosmo-
graphia." (
See "Neman"/
Nemunas River up top,
along with Neringa and
Memel/Klaipeda area.)

From Beach Antique Maps &
Prints: cesgia on eBay
1589 Maciej Strubicz (cartographer) -
Gerard Mercator (engraver) - Martin
(publisher): "Magni Dvcatvs
Lithvaniӕ Livoniӕ et Moscoviӕ
Descriptio," 39 x 32 cm. Strubicz's only
surviving map.
From wikimedia
1590 Sebastian Munster:
1592 Abraham Ortelius:
"POLONIA." See the nearly
identical map in a 1598
French edition, published
by Philippe Galle.
1592 Johannes Busse-
macher: "Poloniae finiti-
marum que locurum
descripio auctore," 18.0 x
26.6 cm. Based on
Ortelius' version of
Grodeckis' map
(originally published by
Matthias Quad in
"Geograph- isch
1593 Cornelis de Jode (son of Gerard):
Antwerp, 18 x 14 inches, from Vol. 2 of
his "Speculum Orbis Terrarum." A not-as-
successful, but generally superior, con-
temporary of Ortelius.
1593 Matthias Quad: "Prussiæ Descriptio."
Published by
Bussemacher, this 11.1 x
13.9 inch map appears to have been based
on the Munster map to the left, but has
more detail. This is a detail image, with
the complete map at the upper left.
c1579 Philippe Galle (publisher) - Abraham Ortelius: "Livonia nuoa de scriptio Ioanne Portantio auctore," Antwerp, in four versions
from the first French edition of "Le Miroir du Monde" published by Philip Galle. Sheet: 5 x 7 inches / 12 x 18cm. Based on a 1573
map by Jan Portant. Also a
DETAIL image of the first version. First map from smardic on eBay; second from bertius on eBay; third from; fourth map from
1578 Gerard de Jode:
"Livoniæ nova descriptio,"
Antwerp, from his "Spec-
ulum orbis terrarum."
From the Univ. of Tartu, Estonia:
1579  Matthias Quad: "Poloniæ finitimar-
umque locorum descriptio Auctore
Wenceslau Godretcio..," Cologne, 11.5 x
8.5 inches, reduced from Ortelius' map.
The map is based on Godeckis', which
first published in 1558. See examples on
this page.
1579                                          1579                                                    1579       
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1590 Gerard Mercator:
"LIVONIA," image 36.7
x 47.5 cm, published in
From the National
Library of Latvia:
1577-95  Abraham
Ortelius  - Philip Galle:
"Poloniæ descriptio.,"
Antwerp, 15.1 x 17.3
inches, in two images,
from Ortelius' "Epitome
Theatri Ortelianai," as
engraved/ published by
c1578                                                1588                                                1588                                                1588
Abraham Ortelius: "LIVONIÆ NOVA DESCRIPTIO." Antwerp. One of three map images printed on one sheet from his
"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum."  Originally created by Jan Portant in 1573.
First and second maps from;
fourth map from oldleaf on eBay
1584                                                  1587                                                 1590                                                    1590
1578 Gerard de Jode: "Livoniæ
provinciæ ac eius confinium Verus et
elegans typus Io Portantius
cosmographus delinea," Antwerp.
Left half of a plate in "Speculum Orbis
Terrarum," with a detail image.
1587 Stanisław Sarnicki: [Untitled] from
Annales sive de originis et rebus gestis
Polonorvm et Litvanorvm"
(Chronicle of
the origins and history of Poles and
Cracow, as a manuscript
From Małopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa, via
1593 Jan Portant (mapmaker)
- Johann and Lucas Doetichum
(Deutium) (engravers) -
Cornelis de Jode (publisher):
"Livoniӕ Provinciӕ..., "
Antwerp, from Vol. 2 of  
"Speculum Orbis Terrarum."

From the National Library of Finland: