MapArticles: My own published articles on historic
Lithuanian-area maps -- and stamps! Also recommended books
Books about maps:

"Antique Maps" Carl Moreland and David Bannister, 1998 edition, Phaidon Press, London, England. 326 pages; a
couple of pages of maps in color, but mostly black and white. ISBN: 0-07148-2954-4

"Lietuva žemėlapiuose (Lithuania on the Map)" Aldona Bieliūienė, Birutė Kulnytė, Rūta Subatniekienė, Lietuvos
Nacionalinio Muziejaus Biblioteka, catalog from an exhibition from 1999. 152 pages; profusely illustrated in color and
black and white. ISBN 9955-415-13-4

"Mapping Europe's Borderlands" Steven Seegel, 2011, Univ. of Chicago Press, 368 pages, with a view I have not seen
before into the behind-the-scenes action influencing creation of maps of Lithuania. ISBN: 0-226-74425-6

"Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past" Jeremy Black, 1997, Yale Univ. Press. 267 pages; a few
images in color, but mostly black and white, and mostly text. ISBN: 0-300-06976-6

"Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet" Nicholas Crane, 2004, Owl Books. 397 pages, just a couple of
illustrations, but a fascinating read. ISBN: 0-8050-6625-X

"Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers" Josephine French, editor, 1999, Revised Edition from Map Collector
Publications. Pricey, but priceless; four volumes profusely illustrated in black and white; ISBN for "A - D," 408 pages: 0-
906430-14-3; for "E - J," 462 pages: 0-906430-19-4; for "K - P," 472 pages: 0-906430-20-8; for  "Q - Z," 436 pages: 0-
My published articles about maps of the historic Lithuanian area:
"The Maps and Mapmakers that Helped Define 20th-Century Lithuanian Boundaries" A series:
My published articles about stamps from the historic Lithuanian area:
"Part 1: Administrative Boundaries of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Just Before the Partition of 1772" (2014)
"Part 2: The First Partition of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 1772 -- Its Description and Depiction in Maps" (2015)
"Part 3: The Second Partition of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 1793 -- Its Description and Depiction in Maps" (2016)
" 'Ob-Ost' Civilian Post Offices and Their Cancellations: Making Sense of a Philatelic Stepchild" (2013)
My research got the American Philatelic Society to change their decades-old categorization of these WWI German-
occupied Baltic-area stamps.
"Revenue Stamps of Memel / Klaipėda: 1920 - 1925" Chapter 11, and pages 181 - 205, of "Part I, Memel / Klaipėda
Handbook," by John Neefus, PhD, Audrius Barazdeikis, Editor (2015). Available as an e-book at:
My published autobiography (2010)
Pages 75 - 79 of issue 238 of the Journal of the Lithuania Philatelic Society
A Lithuanian-language interview with me in the March 30, 2017 issue of Draugas
"Part 4: Coming soon!